Monday, February 2, 2009

So I just went snowboarding today and it was kinda warm out, was about 50 degrees where I live but 40 up at the mountain and like 20 at night. Cold yet not to bad for snowboarding. It was super fun though, except it was icy, more towards the end of the night. I didn't hurt myself too much, exept when this skiier ran into me and this other girl. I tumbled and ended falling backwards, hitting my head on the ice. Wasn't too bad really but now I've got a headache... :/
But anyway I tried the halfpipe for the first time today, although it was icy so I didn't try anything big. The jumps were fun, although a rock hard landing because of course the ice. The side slopes on the trails were super fun because it's kind of like surfing when I'm carving. Fun.

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