Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pictures from February 8th in Long Beach Island, NJ:

So I really wanted to go surfing today but its quite cold out. The waves looked really good and it was too tempting but I get cold really easily and I have like barely any body fat to keep me warm, I'm really skinny, I weigh about 105 and I'm 5'5. So yea... I can't last in the cold. I went out surfing on Feb. 8th only because the air temp was upper 50's or 60. But the water temp was 36 so I only lasted 45 mins. Even through the hood I get brain freeze if I go under the freezing water. But I enjoyed being out there because I LOVE surfing to death! :D Well I can only hope it warms up soon, I really need to get out there again. I've been in a lot of stress lately. Between a massive amount of school work and guy issues, it just never ends. But hopefully one day it'll all work out for the better and I'll be happier than ever, wishful thinking! I still hope to move to Cali in a couple years with my best friend after her and I graduate. I may be afraid of the future but I'm also looking forward to see what's in store for me as well.


  1. Wish I could surf :-\ It sounds like so much fun. How long have you been surfing for?
    I don't know HOW you get in 36 degree water...I can't STAND the cold, let alone be voluntarily wet and cold! haha

  2. Oh it is soo much fun! I've been surfing for about 6 years now and love every min of it, well besides those times i feel like im going to die, but no matter what I will always love surfing. I grew up always near the ocean so I have this attachment to it. I've bodyboarded before surfing since I can't even remember, since I could swim pretty much.
    Haha as for the cold, yes I do hate it very much, but my love for surfing outrides that, at least to a certain extent. I wish I could've gone out yest because I just heard from a friend that went out that it was amazing, but I don't think I could stood the air and water being cold. :( I can't wait until it gets warmer here in NJ.

  3. lookin' good in NJ! sounds a bit too cold to shoot waterhousing in though...

  4. Oh man i luv surfing, just as much as i luv snowboarding. But I'm better on snow XD
    The water does look nice though, if theirs no ice on it, it's fair game i say ^^

  5. haha idk about surfing when its snowing... my guy does that and i always say to him idk how you can do it, but then he just says he has more fat than i do to keep him warm ha. Idk how ppl surf in antartica either, with heated wetsuits but still.... icebergs floatin by... lol.