Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So, I haven't updated on a while. I got busy then I just forgot because I got too caught up with life. Anyway, I still have been taking loads and loads of photo. Too many to put up in one post but I'll put a few up. I'm on a short school break, I had 3 weeks off, I start classes next week but am only taking 3 courses so hopefully won't be too busy. The surf has been quite flat :( I'm hoping that picks up soon but the swell doesn't look so good, so I've just been relaxing and hanging out with my boyfriend. Oh and I just got a Holga camera, I can't wait to get it devloped to see how the pics will come out, though I've got to learn how to expose them in the dark room first. Well anyway I hope you all enjoy my photos!


  1. wow, these are beautiful shots, Leni!! Seriously, you definitely have a creative eye. Keep up the good work!!

    And I have a picture of that exact purple flower with the three petals, we have LOADS of them in our front yard! it's actually the first picture I took that made me realize I loved photography back in middle school...

  2. Thanks! Sometimes I wish I had made photography my major instead of Graphic Design, but i love both and they can go hand in hand at times and photography will always be an exciting hobbies of mine, even if I don't do anything with it.