Sunday, September 27, 2009

So I forgot to put photos up on here of my pet mice. I just got 2 new ones. Saya and Moka. Saya is the black one and Moka is the baby brown one, she's so small it's adorable. I had gotten 2 mice about 6 or 7 months ago, Remy and Aiko but Aiko died last week :'( very sad day, I miss my Aiko. She was a good girl, so I went and got a new mouse so Remy is not lonely but she kept attack her, Saya. So they're in separate cages now and I got Saya a playmate, Moka. I want to keep trying to introducing Remy to the 2 but now I'm not sure if she had caught the respitory infection from Aiko and if so I don't want her to pass it on to the others. Oh and another thing is that when I bruried Aiko in the backyard, I checked back the next day and an animal dug up her gave and ate her :( poor Aiko. She died in my hand and it look painful :( Well I'm going to post Remy and Aiko photos in my next post, these are Saya and Moka pics.

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