Saturday, February 5, 2011

So I'm awful at remembering that I have this blog and to update it. I just realized the second to last update was when I still had my mice, unfortunately they are not with me anymore but I do have pet rats now and they actually make really good pets, they have much more personality than my mice did and are more cuddly! I was just drinking hot cocoa with them a little bit ago and they were running around on my bed playing under the covers and through my laundry, except its annoying when they chew the buttons off. They're my cute little girls :) Their names are Roxas and Nora. Roxas is the darker one but they have a Roan gene which means that they gradually lose their colour. Now it's hard to tell them apart sometimes! Roxas still has a small dark spot on her back. They're are also know as husky rats because of the colour they are when they are born/young, they look like husky dogs hehe. I love all animals! I can't wait til I can get a dog too! Huskies and pitbulls are my favourite. Well that's it for now, again I'll try to update more, but I say that all the time and then forget haha.

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